Things You Need To Know About Emetophobia (Fear of Vomiting) Fact 6

Emetophobia can be a very scary issue to have.

Let’s talk today about feeling nauseous. It’s feels never ending, doesn’t it?

I can’t recall ever having worked with an emetophobe who didn’t talk about their constant feeling of nausea and how terrifying it was for them. Any hint of an upset tummy can lead very quickly into a panic attack because they believe that the nausea means that they have some sort of a bug and potentially they could be sick very soon.

The reality is usually quite simple - they experience frequent nausea and digestive upsets because of the anxiety they are creating. This nausea then creates even more anxiety which then leads to further nausea and stomach discomfort which then leads to more anxiety which then leads to even more nausea and stomach discomfort… whew!!!

Not much fun, is it? Especially when you’re lying in bed, panicking because you can’t stop those wretched thoughts that seem to have taken over your head.

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