Things You Need To Know About Emetophobia (Fear Of Vomiting) Fact 5

People who have emetophobia develop many safety seeking behaviours.

Because emetophobes are so terrified of being sick they go out of their way to try and control their environment in the hope that this will mean it won’t happen.

Here are a few things that sufferers of this phobia will usually do:

  • Obsessively check use by dates on food

  • Wash their hands obsessively

  • Sterilise all work surfaces in their house

  • Often won’t eat left-over foods even if they’ve been stored correctly

  • Refuse to eat out in restaurants or cafes and often even at their friend’s homes

  • If they’re out they will sanitise their hands… often

  • Won’t allow their hands to come in to contact with door knobs, railings etc

  • Always carry antacids / anti-nausea medication / sweets

  • Often will avoid getting pregnant due to the potential of morning sickness

  • Some have terminations rather than having to look after their child who may be sick

  • If they do have children they won’t take their children to a playgroup, the park or even playdates at friend’s homes

  • Won’t travel on a boat, plane or any other form of public transport as there is a risk of others being sick

  • Will avoid surgery in case the anaesthetic causes them to be sick

    and so on and on it goes. It’s exhausting for the emetophobe and equally tiring for their loved ones. And the emetophobe feels totally powerless to stop these behaviours even though consciously they’re aware that they are unhelpful.

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