Stop suffering in silence - there is help available that actually works in about 6 sessions. Call me and I will show you how to sort your emetophobia once and for all so you can finally get your life back! Sessions can be done on Skype (or FaceTime) so I can help you regardless of where in the world you are.


What is emetophobia?

Emetophobia (also known as 'fear of being sick' or 'fear of vomiting phobia') is the irrational and overwhelming fear of vomiting. This could be the fear of themselves being sick, feeling nauseated, hearing or seeing someone else being sick or even being around someone who has just informed them that they suspect they have a stomach or gastro bug.

There is often no logical cause for this phobia which can make it even more perplexing for the emetophobe. What is generally agreed, however, is that the sufferer is trying to gain control over their environment. This can be by refusing to eat out in restaurants, watching use-by dates, tending to stay away from clubs and pubs, refusing to travel on planes or other public transport and even avoiding pregnancy because of the risk of morning sickness (I know of emetophobes who have terminated a pregnancy rather than go through morning sickness). Should the sufferer be forced into one of these situations they will have heightened anxiety and often a panic attack. It can feel incredibly scary for these people. The dilemma here, though, is the impossibility of controlling their environment which leads to even more anxiety and panic being experienced.

Who suffers with emetophobia?

Emetophobes tend to be very intelligent people. They are also usually obsessive (often about germs and dirt). Vomiting to these people tends to be something that is disgusting and they can’t imagine how they could survive a vomiting attack. Most emetophobes haven’t vomited in years and have no intention of doing so although the fear of this is always lurking in their minds.

Celebrities who have been known to struggle with emetophobia are James Dean, Cameron Diaz, Howie Mandel, Denise Richards, Kate Beckinsdale, Joan Baez and Matt Lauer.

Many people suffering with this condition try to hide it from family and friends as they feel very embarrassed. There’s often a very real fear that others would be disgusted and/or annoyed if the emetophobe were to throw up which causes even more anxiety.

Treatment of emetophobia

Firstly, here are some myths about emetophobia:

emetophobia treatment
  • Emetophobia is a rare condition

  • OCD and emetophobia are one and the same condition.

  • It can’t be treated

This vomit phobia is not rare at all. It is believed that 8% (or more) of females have these fears to varying degrees. It is much more common in females than males with only about 2% of males known to have it.

The emetophobic has often spent a fortune trying a myriad of therapies in an attempt to find an emetophobia cure but most psychologists or therapists don't understand enough about the condition or how to treat it with many being told they have anorexia. Other sufferers have been led to believe that there is no emetophobia treatment that will cure their phobia of vomiting. Emetophobia forums talk about the hopelessness of their condition but this just isn't true. With the programme I offer emetophobia can be resolved permanently.

Emetophobia is being treated very successfully by me using a 5-6 week programme. And calm down… there’s no exposure therapy done with this programme! This is a training programme that teaches the sufferer how, at a very deep level, their thinking processes work. With that knowledge it’s then possible to challenge their thinking processes and gain control of those unhelpful thinking styles. People with a fear of sick nearly always feel powerless when they think about vomit and over the years this feeling of helplessness escalates to the point where they are often suffering severe panic attacks. I teach them how to manage their thoughts (it’s easier than they could ever imagine). 



I have successfully conducted many sessions via Skype so regardless of where you are in the world I can help you. All you need is an iPad, laptop or PC, a good internet connection, a Skype account (it’s free) and some privacy. Skype can be downloaded for a PC or Mac by clicking on the Skype logo immediately below or, if you have an iPad, going to iTunes and downloading the app. Sessions can also be conducted via FaceTime.

You don't have to live with this any longer. There is a very successful way of treating emetophobia that is gentle, easy and painless. It takes around 5-6 weekly sessions and you will have regained control of your life.  

There is help available so if you would like to be free of your fear of vomit please either email or call me on 0409 254 500 or email me and we can arrange for you to come in for a free no obligation consultation or a chat via Skype.



I'm living through what would have normally been my worst nightmare. Went to watch my daughter's first school assembly and in the middle my younger daughter was sick everywhere. And she's been sick 3 times since. But I'm not panicking - I'm calm and in control. It's such a relief! I have just finished the therapy and I can honestly say I feel like a different person. I feel calm, I feel positive but most importantly I have not had a panic attack for several weeks and I have been freed from the claws of emetophobia.

For the past 30 years of my life, I have had a debilitating fear of vomiting in public. Before I had to leave my house I would suffer from panic attacks and would vomit as a result of my phobia. I would starve myself of food all day or make myself vomit, just in case I had to leave my home...I might vomit in public. Over the past 12 years I have spent thousands of dollars on “treatment” for my Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Panic Disorder, Depression and Emetophobia nothing I tried worked. My life was an absolute mess! My fears were affecting my marriage, my children and my health. I was at breaking point.
I made an appointment to meet with Liz Hogon to try yet another treatment option. I went into this latest venture guarded and sceptical. Within 6 short weeks of meeting Liz and beginning the program, my life has changed dramatically. I used to suffer numerous panic attacks everyday and vomit sometimes as much as 5 times a day. Since completing this program, I haven’t vomited in 4 weeks! Only a short time ago I was terrified of leaving my house and of eating, I now put my two young children in the car and drive to places we have never been and have lunch in public places and I am finally loving my life.
Before discovering this program and working with my supportive consultant Liz, doing these things were unimaginable to me. I was a prisoner trapped by my own negative and obsessive thinking. This program is not a magic cure you have to do the work. But if you want to gain control of your life then this is the program to choose. This programme taught me how to live without fear of my own thinking and I am forever grateful as is my family.
(Melbourne, Australia)

I cannot thank Liz enough for helping me work through the programme. I feel so strong facing my fears everyday and living life the way it should be. Liz is an absolute dream to work with. She is compassionate, patient and absolutely hilarious. You will not regret working with her :-)

SB xx
(Canberra, Australia)

After years of trying what I thought was everything to try and cure my Emetophobia, I did one last search on the Internet and came across Liz Hogan, and I`m sure glad I did. Little did I know how easy it was overcome my fear and the programme was a real eye opener and a life saver. It explained how my negative thoughts and actions were not only conforming my fear, but contributing to other issues in my life such as self esteem and social anxiety. It taught me simple ways in which I can become a more positive, confident person and ultimately overcome emetophobia. I learnt so much from the program. 
Working through the book with Liz was great. She is a very caring, positive and understanding person, and I felt very comfortable attending her sessions. At the start of the program I was very unconfident and had almost accepted the fact that I would have emetophobia for the rest of my life. After completing the program, I feel much more confident, stress and worry less, and am well on my way to completely recovering from Emetophobia, and I have Liz to thank for that! 
(Melbourne, Australia)

Before working with Liz, I used to often go into panics and let my anxiety over take my day to day living. I have now learnt to overcome my fears. Working with Liz has not only changed helped my emetophophia, but changed my ways of life and thinking for the better. I have such a clearer way of thinking and understanding of life. This program is a great program to work through and I would recommend it to every one.

(Sydney, Australia)



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