Smoking For 40 Years Costs $500,000!

Smoking. It’s expensive, isn’t it? With all that money you could have purchased a house. Does that shock you?

Cigarettes are now $29.00 for a pack of 25 cigarettes in Victoria. In September 2019 they will increase by 12.5%; in September 2020 they will increase another 12.5% meaning you’ll be paying an eye-watering $37.33 a packet.

Cigarette prices in Australia are the highest in the world and the average household spends more on tobacco than on their cars, takeaway food, utilities, phones or holidays.

If you smoke a pack a day for 40 years you will have wasted close on $500,000 – and that’s just at today’s prices.

Many smokers are turning to vaping as this has been promoted as a healthy way to stop smoking. Recent research, however, shows that they are discovering many unhealthy side effects with vaping.

Wouldn’t it be wise to just stop? If you’re really serious about becoming a non-smoker (not an ex-smoker) give me a call on 0409 254 500.

Your lungs deserve it. And so does your bank account.