7 Ways To Ease Your Anxiety

Feeling anxious? It’s nasty, isn’t it?

Those racing thoughts can feel totally overwhelming and impossible to manage. This can lead to you overthinking everything and getting even more anxious. And so on it goes. Not much fun.

Anxiety can be a friend in times of danger. What many of us are doing now, however, is still brooding and ruminating well after the danger is gone and there’s no longer any threat.

It’s also worth noting that many times the anxiety being created is not even about a real threat! It’s just our over-active imagination at work worrying about things you haven’t even yet experienced. “What if he doesn’t like me?’ ‘What if I don’t get above 95% in this exam?’ ‘What if I’m held up in traffic?’ How is your self talk?

So here are 7 ways to ease those anxious thoughts:

  1. Go a little more slowly. Trying to do too much can create anxiety and then you’re even less productive!

  2. Talk nicely to yourself. If you start telling yourself off for those anxious thoughts you’re basically pouring fuel on the fire. You then feel even more anxious. Treat yourself the way you would treat others - with compassion and love.

  3. Distance yourself from those unhelpful thoughts and get some perspective. Ask yourself ‘Is that really true?’ If it’s not, imagine that scary thought just floating away.

  4. Stay here in the present. You may have had some unwanted anxious experiences in the past but that’s not to say they will happen again.

  5. Get some perspective. Is the situation as terrible as you initially assumed? Step back and see the situation from a broader context. Will you be worrying about this in 6 months time or simply chuckling about it?

  6. Go for a long walk. Or wash those dishes. Fold that basket of washing. Mow that lawn. Be really present in that activity and this will break that thinking loop you’ve created.

  7. Breathe. Shallow breathing is usually connected with anxiety. Breathe right down into your stomach. Breathe in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 7.

If you still need help to rid yourself of that anxiety then don’t hesitate to call me on 0409 254 500 and we can have a chat.