Are You A Compulsive Shopper?

Are you one of those people who uses ‘retail therapy’ to feel better about themselves? It is believed that compulsive shopping is on the increase. This could be due to the increase of anxiety in the general population but may also be because of the increase in availability of credit facilities.

This study suggests that a high percentage of the UK’s population who are currently working are struggling financially. Compulsive shoppers can fall into serious debt and potentially lose everything.

The ease of being able to purchase clothing and other items on the internet has caused this addiction to explode.

Many of these people have items hidden away, many still with their tags on.

Compulsive shoppers purchase goods to feel better about themselves and reduce their anxiety as they usually have self-esteem issues. A feeling of excitement is experienced when they purchase their items. This feeling of euphoria is very temporary, however, and is soon replaced by guilt and shame.

If your credit cards are maxxed out and you need help with this addiction, give me a call on 0409 254 500 so you can get it sorted.