What is Shy Bladder?

Shy bladder is a relatively common condition where you can be desperate to go to the toilet yet find that there is no way you can pee if you are in a public place or, if people may be able to hear or see you. Most find this condition starts in their teenage years although it can strike at any time.

Other phrases used to describe this surprisingly common condition are 'shy bladder syndrome', 'pee-shyness', 'toilet phobia', 'bashful bladder', 'cock shy', 'bladder shy' and 'pee phobia'. The full medical term is 'avoidant paruresis'.

Shy bladder syndrome can also go well beyond occasional shyness or embarrassment. Some men using a urinal may find that they are unable to pee at all when other men are present - this may be because they're worried about others seeing their penis or perhaps a feeling of being defenceless if attacked. Most have no idea at all why they feel this way.

Shy bladder can also affect women. If using a crowded rest-room they may find that they are unable to pee. Women are usually not aware that they have this condition as generally the focus in the past has been on problems experienced by males.

Sufferers of shy bladder usually have similar anxieties when on a train, plane, bus or boat. Sometimes it even affects them when they are at home if there are others in the house who can hear them - all in all it can cause huge problems with their social life and work.

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These people tend to become very anxious when invited out socially as they first need to ensure that they are able to plan a route that will allow them to use a private toilet if required and of course in many cases this is not possible. Severe sufferers often are unwilling to travel far from their home.

People who have bashful bladder are often (but not always) quite shy, not wanting to be scrutinised in a public place. Symptoms often just get progressively worse leading to them finding that their 'safe places' to pee narrow further, often causing them to become very reluctant to even leave the house. The effect on their lives can be nothing short of devastating.

Not all people suffer with the most severe form of shy bladder. Some have quite mild symptoms enabling them to pee under certain conditions.

What shy bladder treatment is available?

The good news is that there is very effective treatment available for shy bladder. I understand that you have probably been feeling very embarrassed and unwilling to discuss this problem with anyone (sometimes even your GP) but you can rest assured that I will treat you in a very sensitive and caring way.


Since a young boy I have suffered from shy bladder. Over the years I tried a multitude of different things but nothing seemed to work. After 5 sessions with Liz the improvement has been remarkable and only getting better every day. Forever grateful.
(Country Victoria, Australia)


I have successfully conducted many sessions via Skype so regardless of where you are in the world I can help you. All you need is an iPad, laptop or PC, a good internet connection, a Skype account (it’s free) and some privacy. Skype can be downloaded for a PC or Mac by clicking on the Skype logo immediately below or, if you have an iPad, going to iTunes and downloading the app. Sessions can also be conducted via FaceTime or Messenger.

If you would like to finally feel in control, calm and peaceful in your thoughts, please either email or call me on 0409 254 500 and we can arrange for you to come in for a free no obligation consultation or a chat via Skype. We can discuss your options and you will be able to get clear answers on any questions you may have. There is no obligation on either your part or mine.

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