So what is body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)?

Everyone of us at one time or another in our lives has wished that our bodies were different than what they actually are. It might be that you think your nose is too big or the wrong shape, you have skin blemishes or your tummy is a little podgy. These thoughts are pretty common and normal, even if it is just your imagination working a little overtime.

If these thoughts start ruling your life, however, and those 'flaws' are consuming your day, you might consider seeking some treatment as this can start to impact on the quality of your life. 

Different types of behaviours and symptoms that BDD sufferers experience include: 

  • Frequently checking mirrors to see how you look

  • Constantly making sure you look clean and are well dressed

  • Frequently touching the part of your body that you dislike

  • Trying to hide or disguise your perceived flaw

  • Feeling self-conscious about your appearance

  • Hoping to sort the disliked body part - through surgery or exercise for example

  • Wearing lots of makeup to hide the 'flaws'

What causes body dysmorphic disorder?

People suffering with this disorder are totally obessesed with their bodies. They believe that certain parts of their bodies are defective and become totally preoccupied, often to the point of resorting to cosmetic surgery. Depression is common and some even resort to suicide.  

Body dysmorphic disorder is caused primarily through low self esteem and high social anxiety (worrying about what others think). It is often exacerbated by the media's advertising campaigns that can lead you to believe that to be acceptable in society you need the perfect body. 

Treatment of body dysmorphic disorder

The good news is there is help available. 

I offer a wonderful and highly effective treatment where you can learn how to understand why you have this disorder and how to change it. When you change the way you think and feel about yourself you can overcome those symptoms and live a happier and more positive life.

People who are suffering from common psychological and health-related conditions are often convinced that their symptoms are happening to them. Consequently they can then feel completely powerless to improve their situation. With this treatment you can completely alter the way you view yourself by learning how to take control of your thoughts; changing your limiting beliefs; modifying any unhelpful thinking and letting go of negative beliefs that are holding you back. You've created these beliefs and problems so therefore you can change them... and it's not difficult!

You will be asked to come in (or Skype) for a free initial consultation before I agree to any treatment.

I have successfully conducted many sessions via Skype so regardless of where you are in the world I can help you. All you need is an iPad, laptop or PC, a good internet connection, a Skype account (it’s free) and some privacy. Skype can be downloaded for a PC or Mac by clicking on the Skype logo immediately below or, if you have an iPad, going to iTunes and downloading the app. Sessions can also be conducted via FaceTime or Messenger.

If you would like to finally feel in control, calm and peaceful, please either email or call me on 0409 254 500 and we can arrange for you to come in for a free no obligation consultation or a chat via Skype. We can discuss your options and you will be able to get clear answers on any questions you may have. There is no obligation on either your part or mine!

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