Blushing. Social phobia. Social anxiety. So what is it?

Well, according to research by the NIMH it's the third largest psychological problem in the world today. At least you're not alone!

A phobia is basically a fear. All of us can have fears and may get anxious before meeting new people but once we're there we settle down quickly, coping and, if it's not too boring, having fun! For others, however, these situations create huge amounts of fear and anxiety - in many cases these people need loads of alcohol or, perhaps they just decide not to go out at all. This has a terrible effect on their lives (as well as them missing some great parties because they're either too drunk or not there at all!) and in severe cases they can completely withdraw from society and life itself.

A social phobic will worry continuously about how others see them and what others think about them. They have a terrible fear of being judged, humiliated or embarrassed when exposed to possible scrutiny by others. Even though deep down they know it's not true, people with social phobia feel that everyone is watching, staring and judging them. Not much fun, right? 

Some of the social phobia or anxiety symptoms are:

  •  Feeling panicky at the thought of becoming the centre of attention when you're with other people
  •  Feeling as though everybody is looking at you and noticing what you're doing
  •  Not wanting to go into shops or restaurants, especially if you're alone
  •  Being afraid to perform in front of others in case you make an idiot of yourself, eg a job interview, a meeting or public speaking
  •  Having a tremendous fear of 'being put on the spot'
  •  Stuttering or stammering
  •  Having a pre-occupation with how you look - it's never good enough, is it?
  •  Fear of failure or not being good enough
  •  Blushing, or a fear of blushing
  •  Lack of confidence - self-esteem issues
  •  Fearful of writing in front of others
  •  Working too hard to please others
  •  Shy bladder (men) – not being able to pee when on the spot
  •  Performance anxiety when having sex
  •  Feeling anxious when making phone calls
  •  Fear of being humiliated
  •  Feeling fearful when eating in front of people

So... is there a blushing treatment?

Yes! The good news is the treatment I offer for blushing is very effective. It can help you to regain control of your thoughts, feelings and life and the results you achieve will be here to stay!

Call me now on 0409 254 500 and come in for a chat (it's free and there's no obligation on your part or mine). It's time to get your life on track... don't let it pass you by.