Stop Smoking

Dear Liz,

I can't thank you enough for stopping my smoking addiction last year.

I still can't believe that after 23 years in which I smoked over 160,000 cigarettes at a cost of over £40,000 you ended my addiction inside 90 minutes! Unquestionably the best money I ever spent!

The truth is I was extremely skeptical about hypnotherapy and if I am honest I only came out of desperation as I had already tried everything else. Even after the hypnotherapy session I told friends I didn't really believe in it!

Yet the following day I found myself confidently saying "I don't smoke anymore" rather than hedging my bets with the usual "I'm trying to give up" and I didn't feel in peril of actually buying cigarettes as "I don't smoke anymore".

I have no problem in pubs and my partner still smokes. I am free of the addiction, saving money and my health has improved thanks to your intervention.

My sincere thanks

Tony Roberts

Stop Smoking

Dear Liz

I wanted to get in touch and let you know how great it is being a non-smoker! It's been 4 weeks since I came to see you and I haven't even thought about smoking. My partner still smokes which I thought would be a problem but you were right... I'm not tempted at all.

It was so easy and I'm feeling well chuffed :-)

Thanks a million.



Dear Liz,

Been a really happy few weeks and I've you to thank for that. Been wondering how to write this. I've scanned through a fair number of testimonials over the years and always been a pretty tough judge. I always looked for that real grit / faith that something could finally work and end all this hopping from problem to problem. By the time I came to see you all problems had rolled into one. Over the years food has led to drugs, drugs led back to food, bulimia and more distress. Calm one down and another popped up - bit like trying to sit down on a bouncy castle!

I now feel calmer, more confident and in the nicest of ways – less bothered. Feel very lucky to have stumbled into it. Having never heard of hypnoanalysis it was a massive stroke of luck to have found you. Feel very normal - nothing too special to me and nothing too shabby… just normal, at last.

Thank you. It's such a massive relief to finish it. To anyone reading this- it's a brave thing to do, I'd recommend it.

All my love,



I went to Liz originally hoping for some help with insomnia. Although I am a pretty private person, upon meeting Liz I felt instantly comfortable discussing extremely personal issues with her. She quickly identified some not so well hidden underlying social anxieties and I soon began a course of treatment. I didn't always understand or like the significance of the things that came up, but Liz's guidance, encouragement, and humour kept me going. I felt very protected and like nothing I said could have shocked her, even if it shocked me.

I had to stop the sessions mid way due to the wonderful surprise of falling pregnant - a surprise because I had been trying everything to conceive for over two years and had even scheduled medical fertility treatments for later in the year. Amazingly, this happened shortly after a session where I finally started to address a deeply buried past experience with a termination - which I wrongly believed I had already "dealt with" emotionally years ago.

It is incredible what has been subtly yet powerfully shifted even after this short a time. My husband keeps commenting that I am more relaxed than I have ever been, which is not really what either of us expect from me. I did not go into the therapy with thoughts of it helping me conceive, but I feel absolutely sure that my fertility would have continued to be challenged had I not released so much and that certain subconscious blocks at welcoming a pregnancy would have stayed in place. This miraculous result speaks for itself and I am so happy that I am able to just relax and enjoy it, along with every other aspect of my life, instead of being my former over-thinking self.

I am extremely grateful for Liz's help, wisdom, compassion, generosity, and non-judgment.


Social Phobia

Liz, Thank you so much for helping me uncover the cause of many problems in my life. You told me I had Social Phobia and took me on an incredible journey where I could not only dump a great deal of guilt and grief, but you helped me uncover something I had locked deep away for no-one to find. Through the 12 sessions we were together I, and others, noticed a change in me. I couldn't put my finger on what exactly was happening but I was feeling a sense of weight being lifted off me and a big knot being removed from my stomach and chest. Now, if I'm completely honest, I feel so confident, happy and a little unstoppable!

Thanks so much for everything Liz.


Depression, Addictions, Anxiety and Lack of Confidence

Liz, I can't thank you enough... when I came to see you initially I felt like my life was one big emotional car crash. I had pretty much tried everything. Various therapists to 12 step programmes and all the bullshit self help books in known print. I'd been fighting all my life - obsessions, compulsions, abusive relationships, addictions, anxiety, depression, low self esteem, anger... you know, all the usual suspects.

To be honest with my history I really didn't think you would take me on. However, I've never felt so held and supported throughout the whole process of hypnoanalysis. It wasn't easy but you enabled me to see it through with encouragement... I've never felt so accepted. I love your down to earth approach - you're so 'normal' yet professional and the care that you take has at times left me moved beyond words.

So five months later, there's no anger anymore, I feel calm, confident and now have an awareness of where I am in life. I've started to value and respect myself and others. I've never felt so happy and 'sorted'. I keep saying to people "I've never been in a better place in my life" and they look at me strangely. Brilliant!

I'm not quite sure how it works Liz, but seeing you was the most intelligent thing I've done in the past 30 years. Thank you for everything.

C x

Depression and Weightloss

I suffered from depression and overeating for 20 years. I had tried everything - every pill, every diet, every 'headshrinker', every self-help book, doctors and gurus. Nothing worked. I was so stressed I felt on the verge of a breakdown and believed that I was going to be a messed up and unhappy person for the rest of my life.

After my sessions with Liz I find that my stress levels have been drastically reduced. I am calm, confident and free from obsessive thoughts. I have my eating under control, have successfully quit smoking and I'm finding my relationship with my husband is more relaxed and fulfilling.

Liz is an ethical practitioner who genuinely cares about her clients becoming well. I never imagined hypnoanalysis would work - and yet it has! I feel truly free for the first time in my life. From the bottom of my heart... thank you Liz.


Relationship Issues

After years of psychotherapy, which at the time really helped me cope with a bout of depression as well as come to terms with some childhood issues & a problematic relationship with my father, I still felt something was missing or not quite right in my life but I didn't want to go back into psychotherapy.

I had a history of short failed relationships. For years I would chase after men who would constantly reject me or I would find ways to create problems and make the relationship end. I spent years watching my single friends moving on with their lives, getting married and having children and I felt I was stuck in a hamster wheel unable to move on. I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never be able to get married.

On a deeper level I had a feeling that I would never be happy and truly fulfilled, a feeling of 'better not do anything just in case'. My therapist used to call it the 'What if Syndrome' - I lived my life too scared to do anything in case the bad things I predicted might happen.

I met a guy just before I started seeing Liz, an amazing guy... handsome, intelligent, charming, great fun and so kind and adoring. Of course after several happy months I started to question this but this time it was more difficult as there wasn't a single thing about this guy I could pick a fault with. After talking to a friend about how I was feeling she recommended I see Liz, a truly life changing moment. After every session I felt I had shifted huge amounts of emotional crap, stuff I thought I had dealt with and other stuff that I didn't even imagine could have an effect on me after all these years.

The end result was that I started to feel more positive about myself and about my relationship. It was as if I was beginning to realise that I did actually deserve this amazing guy and to have an amazing and fulfilled life like everyone else around me. More importantly, as I began to believe, these things actually started to happen. After 9 months of dating he proposed at the top of a mountain... followed by a joyous acceptance from me... promptly followed by the white wedding I had always dreamed of but never thought possible... and now 6 weeks into married life I have a very different outlook on life.

I am happy, content, fulfilled but best of all those feelings of dread and worry about what might happen are replaced with a growing sense of positivity and a knowing that I will have the happy ending I so deserve!

Thanks Liz for helping me on my journey and for helping me see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Social Phobia and Relationship Issues

I hoped she'd hypnotise me but I pretended I was too smart to really expect that when she said that there was no such thing as a hypnotised feeling. When I went to Liz, I'd been feeling so desperate that I thought hypnotising me or somehow rewiring my brain was the answer. Liz did something very different.

In working with me she was down to earth, hugely compassionate and was like my best friend or health partner. You know the type; gets right up your nose, because their commitment is greater than your complaints. That was Liz.

Working with Liz helped me to move on from stuff that was deeply buried (more than 50 years old) but eating away at me nonetheless.

I've finally begun to understand why I've carried such a great sadness for so long. I've also begun to build the foundations of a peaceful life.

Thank you, Liz, for being a magnificent person, with a big heart and a bigger commitment to me. I now feel that I'm maturing emotionally.



Hi Liz

I wanted to wait for a while before I sent this to you because, to be really honest, I never believed this would work. Nothing else ever has!

Anyway I came to see you in February feeling fat, desperate and a total failure. Had tried every diet known and some of them helped for a little while but eventually the weight went back on leaving me feeling even more of a failure.

After seeing that guy on ACA I decided to give the Hypno-Band a go although the group sessions were never going to be my thing. It's the best thing I've ever done!!!!

Here I am after 3 months and the weight is coming off every week. But the best part is that I am not dieting. For the first time in my life I'm not dieting but I'm losing weight (can you tell I still don't believe it?!!). I am so peaceful around food and eating small portions - I even know how to listen to my body now when it tells me it's full. That's never happened before :-)

Thanks Liz for your help and compassion. I've got my life back.


Weight Loss

I have spent nearly all of my life struggling with food. Always been on some diet or another and exercising like a mad woman to try and keep my weight under control.

Came to see you as a last resort and didn't believe you could REALLY help me but here I am 2 months later and I'm over the moon. It's all been so easy. No more struggle. No more staying home from parties because I had no control around food. I don't even notice the food there now as I'm too busy talking to people!

It's the best investment I've ever made and I've recommended you to quite a few of my friends. Thanks again. x

Sue D


I thought I would give you a little bit of an update on my progress. I continue to lose weight even though it seems slow but now I believe that its a better way to do it. I'm learning patience as well!

Feel like I have lots more energy and I'm sleeping much better (don't understand how that works but I'm grateful). I bought some new clothes on Saturday as the old ones are hanging off me now and already I've dropped a dress size.

Really just wanted to let you know that I'm doing really well and will continue to keep you posted.

Kara B