Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon that you experience many times during the day, for example when reading a good book or watching television. It is only a wonderfully relaxed state. Hypnosis is not sleep and you will be conversing with me during the session.

Yes, you will have total recall of everything that has happened during the session. You are always in total control. You are able to hear everything the hypnotist says to you and can converse with her if this is required.
Anyone who can follow simple instructions can be hypnotised. People who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be considered for treatment.
No! You will be conscious of everything during the session. Your body will feel wonderfully heavy and relaxed but your mind will be focused and alert.
There is no such thing as a hypnotised feeling. In hypnosis you will feel exactly the same as you would if you were engrossed in a book or absorbed in a good movie. It is simply a very relaxed feeling that most people wish they never had to leave behind.
No. You are always completely in control of your body and thoughts. You cannot be made to do or say things you don't want to. Hypnosis is absolutely safe and has been used for a long time by dentists, doctors and psychotherapists. It is a proven therapeutic aid. My professional code of conduct and ethics means that you don't need to worry anyway.
You will feel fine. You will be able to drive and go back to work if you wish.
It depends on individual cases. Stopping smoking is dealt with in two sessions, the first lasting 90-120 minutes. Other problems take more time and this can be discussed when you come in for your free initial consultation.
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